Key to getting notion to monitor garage doors?



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    Hi Julian,

    We had an issue yesterday morning with our systems not reporting motion correctly. That was fixed around 2MST.

    We would recommend placing a sensor in the middle of the top panel of your garage door. Sorry if that wasn't clear. 



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    Stacy Decker

    I just got and installed 2 sensors on my garage doors. The temp is picking up and the garage door open/close is not. Tried opening and closing a couple of times with no luck. Moved the bridge to be a little closer to the sensors with no luck.  As they are stuck up on the door I don't want to pull them off to reset everything.


    Update: Just tried them again and both worked. Could it be the sensor reporting interval and maybe some slowness there?  Does the reporting from a sensor go to Notion before getting to me or just to the bridge and then to me?

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