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    Dwayne Johnson

    Yes. That would be amazing. 

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    Kim Korten

    What's the main advantage there?  Would you be able to say something like, " Hey Siri, did I leave the garage door open?"

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    A Chase Turner

    HomeKit specification includes security guarantees to avoid grey market spoofs and other aspects that are better than the typical IoT connected devices.

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    Bill Burgess

    If the data is available from the sensor, it makes sense to put it into the HomeKit database and make querying against it available to Siri and other HomeKit enabled devices. Essentially, if Notion detects motion, it could turn lights on via another enabled device. IFTTT support with the security of Apple and approved HK devices.

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    Kyle Puntney

    Please add HomeKit support.

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    Larry Beck

    Without open integration opportunities I've found my investment in Notion... lacking. For me, I need full support in HomeKit or at a minimum, HomeBridge. That would enable Notion to work in conjunction with ALL OF THE REST of my smart home gear.

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    Unfortunately Notion is not Homekit compliant as Apple does not support cloud-based solutions. We hope to integrate with other smart home products like our Works with Nest integration so that your smart home products can work together. 

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