Why are there so many unanswered questions? and release update


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    Hi Alan,

    Thanks for posting. We're currently in the process of building the knowledge base out. You're right though, we shouldn't publish questions without an answer. We will do better on that front.

    We've recently announced that our launch date has been pushed back to November 24th. It’s heartbreaking for us to postpone again but we want to buck the trend of how it’s been handled in the past. While we very much feel we can commit to a new shipping date, we’d like to take a different approach – a proactive one focused on sharing where we are on each outstanding feature and our best estimate on the level of effort remaining.

    Here is a link to our new progress page:http://getnotion.com/roadmap/

    This page highlights the aforementioned status of each outstanding feature. We pledge to update this site once a week with the intent of giving a much closer look to you to all of our beloved customers and followers.

    Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Henry @ Notion Support

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