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    Hey Nicolas, 

    So sorry for the delayed response here. Here is a bit more detail on each of those things:

    - Battery backup is a functionality of the bridge that allows it to keep working if it loses power. The battery will be supporting cellular data flow from the sensors to our backend systems, and it will be avaliable on our next version of the bridge, and work with all existing hardware. 

    - It will not be a part of the original feature set of the bridge at release :(

    - We haven't been able to complete tests on the longevity of the bridge powered by batteries but we're estimating about 24 hours. 

    Great questions.


    Henry @ Notion Support  

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    Cellular data and battery backup will be a hub feature that we plan on releasing later this year.

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    Hey Henry,

    Could you please elaborate a bit on the battery backup part?

    Will it be part of the original feature set of the bridge at release date? Will it be added to a future iteration of the product?

    And for how long a bridge will be able to stay on powered by his battery?

    Thanks for the answer :)

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